Freedom Fighters of Jharkhand
Name Place of birth / Date of Birth About him/her
Tilka Manjhi
  • Tilakpur
  • Born in Santhal family in 1750
  • Tilka Majhi emerged as the first competent tribal leader who fought against the British Rule.
  • He was a perfect archer.
  • He organized the people at Bancharijor near Bhagalpur against the taxation and local administration of the British rule.
  • British appointed Cleveland as the superintendent of Rajmahl in 1773. Cleveland followed the policy of "Divide and Rule" among the tribes and secured the support of the Paharias who were not taxed.
  • The Paharias of 40 villages supported Cleveland.
  • He killed Cleveland with an arrow an 13th January 1784.
  • He carried on guerilla warfare.
  • He wasexecuted at Bhagalpur by the British in 1785
Buddhu Bhagat He was born in Silagai village of Chanho Block of Ranchi district on 17th February, 1792
  • He born in Oraon family.
  • He was athletic and started learning archery from his childhood.
  • He carried on guerilla warfare against British rule. Main weapons of his rebel was bow and arrow.
Ganga Narain Singh
Siddhu and Kanhu
Thakur Vishwanath Sahdeo
Pandey Ganpat Rai
Sheikh Bhikhari
Nilamber - Pitamber
Jatra Bhagat
Birsa Munda
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